If you want to be a good fencer, it is important to understand the theory. But there isn’t fencing without practice. Therefore we try to meet and practice almost every week of the year. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible. That’s why before visiting us without announcement, we highly recommend to contact us and ask for more details or join our public Facebook group, where we share the necessary information about the next training.

Training during the school yearTraining during the summer
Where Gabriela Narutowicza 17, 70-240 Szczecin Juliana Fałata, Szczecin, 70-496
WhenWednesday 19:00Sunday 12:00
PriceFor the actual price please contact us For the actual price please contact us
You needComfortable shoes and clothes that can get dirtyComfortable shoes and clothes that can get dirty

Where is the training?

The training takes place in the fencing hall of the city during the school year.

Address: Gabriela Narutowicza 17, 70-240 Szczecin

When the fencing hall is not available for some reason and the weather is gracious to us, we meet in Park Kasprowicza, near the 3 eagles sculpture (Pomnik Czynu Polaków).

Address: Juliana Fałata, Szczecin, 70-496

What do you need to participate in the training?

First of all respect the topic, the weapon, and most importantly your training partners. You need comfortable clothes and shoes, in which you can move easily and that can get dirty and sweaty. If you fell in love with fencing, you will definitely need more equipment, but for a beginner, a limited set of equipment can do the job. For beginners, we provide a foam saber which is sufficient to start to learn the basic guards, cuts, and you may start the light sparring with it.

For more details about the equipment click here.

The language of the training is basically Polish, but all the teachers speak English fluently.

You might wonder whether your physical condition is enough satisfying to start fencing. After all, a new set of movements can be challenging even for an athlete! It’s true that good condition is useful, but you can develop a better stamina step by step, and it’s not a shame to stop if you feel you cannot do more. Rather start it, and you slowly will be able to keep up. Anyway, except few of us, we are just amateurs:)

What is the cost of the training?

The very first occasion is free of charge. After the monthly cost is depends on various factors (for eg. the actual renting cost of the hall), currently is around 80-100 PLN. If you are not able to come regularly, you have the opportunity to come occasionally. The price in that case is 25-30 PLN/occasion. From this amount we ensure the fencing hall and the development of the group (for eg. equipment, webpage, etc.)

What do we do during a training?

The actual plan of the training depends on several factors, most importantly: how many people participating, on what level of proficiency they are, and what’s the general mood and energy level of the group. We always warm up, after might be some exercises to develop our footwork, weapon handling, parries, and finally sparring in pairs, or in a bigger group.

A closing thought: Personally, I am always very anxious and stressed when I try something new and it comes to joining to a new group of people. I feel that pressure on my stomach as I don’t know what to expect and which type of people will be there?

In our case please don’t worry! Maybe we are not from the cover page of a model magazine, and we might look scary (though for eg. I am small and according to my wife I am similar to a frog in many ways), but we are friendly people of different ages, we have different professions, and we possess a different level of nerdiness.

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