Acies Szczecin

Who are we?

Acies Szczecin is a historical saber fencing group that was founded by friendly enthusiasts of the topic. We are working on building up a community step by step, that is able to gather on a weekly basis to practice. Whether you are new to fencing or a HEMA champion, you do it for fun or take it more seriously, we are always opened to welcome you to our team! When the circumstances let us do so, we have training every week. You can find more information about our training here: Training

What is our mission?

The usage of the saber is profoundly interlinked with – among others – Polish and Hungarian history. Our forefathers used this weapon to defend their motherland, protect the life of their loved ones, fight for their freedom, and to seek glory in their erroneous human ways. Itself the history of the saber’s evolution is not a short story, full of fascinating changes in design and usage, always to be up to date to the challenges of the times. Unfortunately, there aren’t many written or pictorial sources for the researcher, especially if we want to understand the pre-19th century saber fencing. We would like to keep the memory of the past times, honor our ancestors, and seek the possible ways of the usage of the saber from various periods. Sometimes with the help of sources, sometimes with the hard way of trial and error. There is no point to do such an activity without enjoyment, fun, and respect towards the topic and each other. Most importantly:

We fence because we love it!

How did it start?

As the editor of the English webpage, I have to admit: I don’t know how did it start exactly. On the other hand, I am almost sure there were fierce conversations between our two co-founders, Marek and Michał, until they started to practice together. Marek is a sport fencing teacher, Michał is into martial arts and history. When I moved from Hungary to Szczecin I wanted to continue historical saber fencing which I practiced for many years. After a not too successful attempt to create an own team, I was lucky enough to find them, and I cannot be enough grateful for that. We kindly invite anybody who would like to join us on this journey!

Our trainers

Marek is an official teacher of Epee fencing. His great experience on the topic is invaluable for our group. If you need somebody to explain and show you the importance of footwork, tempo, or guards, you cannot find a better person for the job!

Michał is a true lover of history, who practiced Muay Thai in the past. He focuses on Polish saber fencing. If you wish to learn how to win a close fight, you definitely want to practice with him.

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